Mac Quiz Show 6 Pack

New & Exciting Power Point Training Games for Mac users


  A fantastic way to fire-up your class participants and add fun to your training program.

  Create an engaging review game in minutes and watch the excitement rise as participants compete to answer questions based on your training materails to win.

  Easily add your questions around key points from your training program and run the whole thing in power point.

  Create 100's of different games for your different training programs. All games are fully editable and can be used over and over again. Just name and save your file and create different versions for different training programs.

  Add real competition and loads of fun and make your next training come alive with these exciting Power Point games.

This is our newest version of our Training Games 6 pack for MAC. You’ll love presenting and reviewing your own training materials with all 6 of these great games:

1- Are You Smarter Than – (Like the TV show)
2- All The Way – (Millionaire-type game)
3- Money Taxi – (Three strikes and you are out)
4- Peril Quiz Show – (Jeopardy-type game)
5- Tic Tac Dough – (Hollywood Squares-type game)
6- TV Quiz Show – (Great Graphics and sounds)

Plus a FREE Feud Icebreaker Team Builder game – a Feud type game with 5 rounds and a bonus round.

These training games are roughly based on popular TV quiz show games, but of course, are designed to deliver your own training materials within a classroom setting. Most games also include additional slides for exercises or additional information to expound on your multiple choice or true/false questions. As a bonus, we’ve also included a FREE and fun Feud Team Builder Game.

Every game in this pack includes the following great features:
Built-in icebreaker, animated musical intro, push button scoring, grand finale, fantastic graphics and sounds, and a prize selector for game winners!

This 6 pack really contains 7 games.  We threw in an additional game to add to your training fun.  It’s a feud game format, and works best as a team builder or icebreaker game.

What our customers say


"The Game was very Informative and Fun! Great way of getting groups focused and stimulated." As I told you this was from a Fortune 100 organization. Thank you again for your steady and generous support.

Karen H, MA , Hess Resources, Inc.

"We were not only happy with the training game we purchased but with the assistance from you that I received in helping me understand the ins and outs of the game. Our employees really enjoyed the change from just a regular presentation. Thank you."

Michelle, Project Coordinator, Kinross

For more details, read the GAME HELP documentation Click Here

  This product requires Windows PowerPoint 2010 or newer.
  30 day full refund policy.
  Multi-User License allows use by up to 20 trainers/educators/presenters in an organization.
  Enables you to develop 100s of different training games for unlimited participants.
  24 hour technical & Customer support. 
  Buy and download instantly.


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