Professional Sales Questioning, Handling Objections and closing Mini course

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This mini course focuses on a sales professional’s most important skills: asking good questions, handling objections and closing the sale. While anyone can learn what questions to ask, this program focuses on how to ask questions in a way that will get your customers to open up. the program introduces a proven, step-by-step professional sales questioning technique that can be put into action immediately, in any sales situation.

This powerful sales questioning technique is all about asking the right questions in a particular order. By following a specific questioning model where you work collaboratively with the customer to arrive at a mutually beneficial solution.

Customers buy because they have needs. If there's no need, there's no sale. A big part of being a professional sales person is to identify, develop and satisfy the needs of your customers. The clearer you make their needs, the more likely you will hit the nail on the head and make a sale. How do needs start? They begin as problems or dissatisfactions your customer feels. and in order to develop those problems into needs, you follow the OPEN question selling technique which in summary is to ask:

- Operational questions to establish a jumping off base for the sale.
- Probing questions to expose a problem,
- Effect questions to explode the problem into other areas, and
- Nail-down questions to develop the importance of finding a solution.

Your job as a professional salesperson is to ask questions and control the conversation and ask your questions in a way that would lead the customer to your solution/product.

In addition to the above powerful questioning model, this program also covers the basics of properly handling sales objections and closing the sale. It stresses the fact that when a customer raises an objection during the sale, it’s not always bad news. In fact, it can actually be a buying signal. This mini training program introduces a simple objections handling model that enables you to deal with objections more confidently and professionally with a focus on a specific and effective technique to handle the most common objection “Price”. The program also introduces nine different sales closing techniques that will help sales people close sales more confidently, increase their closing rate and achieve financial objectives.


Key Learning Points:

[icon name="pencil" size="15" color="#6bab13" ] Ask questions that identify the customer's problems. 

[icon name="pencil" size="15" color="#6bab13" ] Delve deeper into the customer's needs to reveal specific areas
      of difficulty or dissatisfaction.

[icon name="pencil" size="15" color="#6bab13" ] Direct questions towards a solution/product/service you have.

[icon name="pencil" size="15" color="#6bab13" ] Point your questions towards the consequences, implications,
      or effect of the buyer's problem.

[icon name="pencil" size="15" color="#6bab13" ] Magnify the customer's problems to the point where the customer
      feels a need to solve them.

[icon name="pencil" size="15" color="#6bab13" ] Handle the different sales objections more effectively and confidently

[icon name="pencil" size="15" color="#6bab13" ] Understand Nine different techniques that can be used to close the sale.

Brief Outline:

bullet OPEN question selling technique.
bullet Operational questions.
bullet Probing questions.
bullet Warm and hot needs.
bullet Effect questions.
bullet Nail down questions.
bullet Skill practice exercises.
bullet Types of objections.
bullet Objections handling model.
bullet Handling the "Price" objection.
bullet Nine closing techniques.

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The Fully Customizable Training package includes:

 Fully scripted Trainer Guide:

[icon name="pencil" size="15" color="#6bab13" ] Self-discovery activity

[icon name="pencil" size="15" color="#6bab13" ] Group exploration and facilitator-led discussions

[icon name="pencil" size="15" color="#6bab13" ] Best practice theory exploration

[icon name="pencil" size="15" color="#6bab13" ] Game-based learning

[icon name="pencil" size="15" color="#6bab13" ] Practice exercises

 Participant Reference Workbook

 PowerPoint Slide Presentation


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price tagPrice: $129.95  $99.95

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What’s the difference between full-course packages and mini-course packages?

What you get Full-course package Mini-Course Package
Duration Complete 1 – 2 day training program One session half day
Trainer Guide
Student Workbook
Power point slide deck
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Additional Exercise sheets √ (select programs) -
22 Bonus activities -
Training support documents (Evaluation form, Certificates, Program Outline) -
Competitive review game -
What you get
  • Duration
  • Trainer Guide
  • Student Workbook
  • Power point slide deck
  • Self-assessments
  • Additional Exercise sheets
  • 22 Bonus activities
  • Training support documents (Evaluation form, Certificates, Program Outline)
  • Competitive review game
Full-course package
  • Complete 1 – 2 day training program
  • √ (select programs)
  • √ (select programs)

Mini-Course Package
  • One session Half
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22 games and activities you can use to enrich your trainings.
Useful training forms (Evaluation forms, certificates).
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A fun, engaging Power Point review game to easily review key questions and concepts, improve retention through a Competitive challenge designed to be the grand finale of your training program.
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Great value for a small investment

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100% customizable

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Standalone modules can easily be added to enliven your training material

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Get new ideas for activities, exercises and games

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Fun, competitive review game to end on a high note

Fun, competitive review game to end on a high note

An exciting and competitive review game (In Power Point) to easily review the content, enhance retention and ensure your participants stay engaged till the very end. (The Power Point game is fully customizable and can be used to create similar review games for other training materials and courses).

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