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Full Courseware Packages

time management training materials

Time Management

Business etiquette, formal meetings,business attire, business dining etiquette, business correspondence etiquette, telephone etiquette

Business Etiquette

Emotional Intelligence

Emotional Intelligence

Coaching People For Better Performance

Coaching People For Better Performance 

Customer service skills training course material package

Vision, energy & passion to serve 
(Customer service training)

Leadership skills training course material package - lead, motivate & inspire

Lead, Motivate & Inspire 

Change management training course material package for dealing with personal change

Change Matters 
(Change Management)

Train the Trainer complete course package on how to train adult learners

Train the Trainer

Training course materials for better internal team communication

Setting Others For Success
(Internal Customer Service)

Creative Problem Solving and Decision Making

Creative problem solving & Decision making

Building High Performing Teams

Building High Performing Teams

Administrative assistant skills training course material package

Administrative Assistant Skills

 Marketing Essentials

Marketing Essentials

New College Instructor Orientation

New College Instructor Orientation

 Anger Management

Anger Management

 Managing People

Managing People

 Pathways to service excellence

Pathways to service excellence

 Workplace Diversity & Inclusion Training

Workplace Diversity & Inclusion Training

Sales excellence series®

 Sales management complete training package how to forecast and plan your sales activities and motivate your sales team

Sales Management

Complete professional sales skills training package including slide, trainer guide, workbook, activities and exercises  two day program

Professional Selling Skills

Sales Territory Planning and routing training program

Sales Territory Planning & Routing


Communication excellence series®

 Negotiation skills training course material

Negotiating For Results

Training course materials to teach conflict resolution

Conflict Resolution

Presentation skills training program for presenting with impact

Presenting With Impact

 Communication skills training course material package to develop communicating with others

Communicating with Clarity Impact

Call Center excellence series®

 Handling angry and difficult callers course material training courseware package

Handling angry and difficult callers

Call Control training program for lower Average Call Handling time AHT

Call Control

Call Center telephone customer service excellence training program

Find a way to say YES! 
(Telephone Customer Service)

 Debt collection training for debt collectors and credit management collecting unpaid bills

Successful Telephone Dept Collection

Retail excellence series®

 Retail sales planning and forecasting training course material package

Retail Sales Planning & Forecasting

Retail selling skills training course materials

Retail Selling skills

Customer Service Skills training course material for retail

Retail customer service skills
(Customer Service for Retail)


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If your employees can’t be gone for a full day, our half day Mini Courses solve the problem. These quick, compact, and effective courses are designed to deliver comprehensive half day sessions on specific topics, These courseware packages include skill practices you can customize to fit your training needs or integrate into your existing course materials.


Mini Course Packages

Business writing Skills training course material

Professional Business Writing

communication training course material


Motivating People

Motivating People

Professional sales questioning training course materials

Professional Sales Questioning



Sales forecasting training material

Sales Forecasting

Ten Best Practice Customer Service Techniques

Ten Best Practice Customer Service Techniques



  [icon name="pencil" size="18" color="#6bab13" ] Fully Editable and Customizable
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  [icon name="pencil" size="18" color="#6bab13" ] Latest training models and concepts
  [icon name="pencil" size="18" color="#6bab13" ] Organized and structured design documents
  [icon name="pencil" size="18" color="#6bab13" ] Step by step comprehensive Trainer Guide
  [icon name="pencil" size="18" color="#6bab13" ] Engaging PowerPoint slide deck
  [icon name="pencil" size="18" color="#6bab13" ] High impact visuals
  [icon name="pencil" size="18" color="#6bab13" ] Print ready comprehensive Reference Workbook for participants
  [icon name="pencil" size="18" color="#6bab13" ] Specific job aids and useful forms to use back on the job (Selected training courses)
  [icon name="pencil" size="18" color="#6bab13" ] Assessment tools (Selected training courses)


 Affordable professionally designed customizable training materials

You do not need a huge training budget to develop your people. Every true leader knows that staff development is at the core of his/her job. Now, even with a low training budget you can afford to deliver affordable, professionally designed course materials and courseware packages.

 Comprehensive & well-structured training course design documents

Even if you are delivering training for the first time, our training materials will guide you step by step through each course. Our materials have an easy to follow format and instructions that explain all key points, models, and concepts. We also provide directions for all activities/exercises and debriefing instructions about which key points to stress in each activity/exercise. As a manager, it will be easy for you to take charge of developing your team and deliver the training course yourself or through a professional trainer. This is a very affordable solution that ensures maximum return on your training investment.


Our training course materials and courseware packages result from over 14 years of professional training design and delivery for some of the largest multi-national corporations in the world. Experienced instructional designers and senior trainers have researched and developed these training courses that have proven to be very popular with learners of all types and have consistently achieved measurable business results.


Each of our full course packages includes a fun and competitive review exercise that tests participants’ retention of what they learned in the course. Add a prize for the winning team, and you will end each training course on a high note.


People learn better by doing activities than by listening to you talk. Our training materials and courseware packages are packed with activities and exercises. To help you make your training course even more hands-on, informative, and fun, each of our full course materials and courseware packages comes with a bonus activities folder: 22 additional activities, games and ice breakers. These bonus activities will help you extend and enrich your course, add more interaction, and provide more options for activities and exercises.